Monday, October 29, 2012

Lessons for Declan

As a mom, I have a big job to do. So here are a few things I hope to pass along.

  1. Take God with you in your heart. Let Him guide you. He already sees what is going on, so live to please Him.
  2. Do not let fear guide you. Listen to The Holy Spirit.
  3. Do not judge. This doesn't mean acceptance, it means love. 
  4. Stand up for what is right.
  5. Do not hold a grudge.
  6. Love yourself enough to not pollute your mind with images that you would not want your minister, mother, or anyone else to see.
If you marry...
  1. Do NOT bring home a bimbo. Women have worked too hard in past generations for us to act flighty/stupid/demeaning of ourselves. Find one who respects herself.
  2. You will get your heart broken. Remember the feeling--you may be on the other side. 
  3. When you find "the one", please go easy on me. I have been the primary woman in your life and now, someone else is the primary.
  4. Love yourself enough to wait. Virginity is a gift that can only be given once
  5. Find a wife who will love you more than she loves anyone else here on earth, including kids, if you have them. Marry a "God's Girl".
  6. Chivalry is not dead. If you think it is, resurrect it.
  7. When a lady walks in or approaches the table, stand up. Do not sit down until all ladies at the table have been seated. 
  8. Love no matter what. No matter what it costs, bumps in the road, you may need to sacrifice. When you love, give it all you have!
  9. Never stop dating your wife. Put in effort and find a sitter if you have kids.
  10. Surprise those you love. Show them you are listening. 
  1. When you go somewhere, be someone you would want to meet, not someone you regret and would not want to be around. 
  2. Sometimes, you will need to be the bigger person.
  3. You will disagree with others---do it respectfully.
  4. Apologize without excuses. Own it! 
  5. WRITE and have face-to-face conversations as much as possible. 
  6. Be a friend to everyone.

  1. Please know that I have given you roots and wings. You can always come back after you have left the nest.
  2. When you tell me that I don't understand what you are going through, you might be right. Give me patience, grace, and try to help me understand. I am here to help.
  3. When it comes to patience, look to your dad. He is the most patient man I know.
  4. Never stop learning.
  5. Rules are there for a reason, but sometimes you can dare to be different.
  6. Don't look back. Learn from your mistakes, learn from your past, and move on!
  7. Try your best to handle your finances responsibly.
  8. Laugh often.
  9. You are loved and always will be.
Yes, I know there are more and I would love to hear what you would add. 
Be blessed:)

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  1. Another great post, wonderful. Declan is blessed to have you as his mom.