Friday, November 16, 2012

Stay~~My FMF post

Every Friday, Lisa-Jo Baker at tales from a Gypsy Mama does what is called a Five Minute Friday. 5 minutes to write without abandon about one word that she gives us.It is fun! I encourage you to try it out.


I hear myself say this word a lot, or something like it, to my son. Being 2 is not easy and sitting still is even harder. Sometimes, you have to move. 
Staying in one place can be bad. 
Do I want to stay in this season of my marriage or do I want to be a better wife?
Do I want to be a better mom, or stay in the same place of frustration?
Do I want to stay bitter or get better? 
Do I want to stay here--stagnant--in my walk with God or move forward? Stepping out in faith, even when it gets hard and I have NO IDEA where He is taking me. 
Staying can be good or it can be bad. Holding a grudge and staying mad is not a good way to stay. 
Staying in God's good graces by accepting His grace, is a good way to stay.

Be blessed:) 

Five Minute Friday


  1. Well said! Staying IS hard... and yet so terribly easy at the same time :) Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thank you Marcy for stopping by and be blessed:)